Hp 128GB Flash Disk, Dark Silver



  • It stores large amount of data
  • It is compatible on all computers and some phones
  • It does not heat.
  • Can be connected to a phone by using OTG
  • Made in China.
  • Has a high data transfer speed
  • Less affected by virus
  • Safe and secure thus can be trusted with all kinds of data.


128GB HP Flash Drive is Dark Silver in colour, small in size but too large in storage. It stores large amount of audio, video, text, graphics, programs and other forms of data. It has a high data transfer speed and works very well on all kinds of computers. It can be connected directly to a phone by using OTG. This flash drive does not heat while used for long hours and it is well trusted with your data. It is less affected by virus thus keeping your data safe and secure.


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